Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Would You Want a Green Home


 Benefits of Green Real Estate

As we move forward into the new millennium, individuals all over the world are focusing more on the environment and processes which preserve natural resources. Everyone, whether they are old enough to drive or not, has become familiarized with a hybrid car. These environmental options are not only available for traveling, they are widely available for improving your living conditions as well. By now, most home owners are familiar with the term “green homes.” Sure you may have heard it mentioned in a conversation or when purchasing a home, but you may not understand what a green home is and why they are important. 
In order to understand what all the fuss is about, you should to know the basics of green living.

 What Exactly Is a Green Home and Where You Should Build One

 Green homes are eco-friendly homes, which take advantage of natural resources in order to provide electric, water, heating, and home decorations. In order to create a green home, the location is an essential part of the process. When deciding on a location for your green building, you may want to consider places you visit most. If possible, choose a location near schools, super markets, or banks because it will reduce expenses associated with traveling. Choosing to place the home on a steep slope enables you to maximize sun exposure for heating. It also gives you the ability to install a solar power system on the roof while sun exposure is maximized. If you are able to use natural resources to light your home, you do not have to spend money lighting the various rooms in your home.

 Heating is also greatly benefited by this location. A home placed in the side of a steep slope provides natural insulation surrounding several of the walls which are encompassed by the ground. Energy efficient appliances for heating, cooling, lighting, and cooking are great because they use less energy to operate. As these appliances are necessities in every home, choosing energy efficient appliances allow you to save a lot of money over time. Green homes take advantage of renewable resources and building materials as much as possible. Using non-toxic and rapidly renewable materials enables you to create a living environment with beneficial air quality. For flooring or other surfaces, consider using a rapid-growing wood material such as bamboo. Reusing old materials is also a green option.

 Why Would You Want to Live in One

 Not only are green homes aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a variety of cost saving benefits to the home owner. By utilizing natural resources for energy, you greatly reduce your electric bill each month. If you choose to install a solar system or hydro-electric system for your home, you could remove your energy bill entirely. Green homes are very good for the environment. These homes reduce waste materials while conserving natural resources. Because most green materials are non-toxic, they greatly improve air quality and water quality. They also serve to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity by providing biodegradable products to use when building or decorating. Your health is also greatly improved by green living. The sustainable design and use of technology greatly enhances the quality of life for the home owner. Green living reduces noise pollution and they improve productivity in homes and business locations.

Just because you currently own a home and have not previous chosen to go green, does not mean you are out of luck. You can consult with a licensed architect any time to develop a plan for your home to go green. If you do not already own a home, consider a consultation with a home designer in order to develop the perfect green home for your family.



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