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Cheap wedding napkin rings


Making Wedding Napkin Rings image
How to Make Cheap Wedding Napkin Rings

Since I still have not gotten over the whole wedding theme, I've figured what would be a better way to conclude it than having a tutorial on how to make your very own wedding napkin rings

We will be using some very cheap and readily available materials and anyone can do as you wont be needing any special tools.
Making Wedding Napkin Rings image

Things you will need:
- ruler
- scissors
- pencil for marking
- cutter
- double-sided tape
- wide satin ribbon
- pretty ribbons
- embellishment for decorations 
- cardboard tube (such as from kitchen towel)

1.  Measure the cardboard tube using a ruler and mark it at several points using a pencil. 3-4cm is a good measurement for a napkin ring, but it is really up to your preference.
2. Use a  ruler to connect the points by drawing a straight line through them and slowly cut out the tube following the marked line with a sharp cutter knife.

Make your own wedding napkin rings imagebeading tutorial image
3. Cut the wide satin ribbon to a suitable length that will cover the whole of the cut-out tube. To make it easier, wrap the ribbon around the tube to measure. 
4. Line the outer tube with double-sided tape (do not peel off yet). Also line the inside of the tube but make sure to only put double-sided tape at the part where it will be covered by the ribbon. See pic.
*To make sure we have a nice and smooth napkin ring, make sure there are no trapped air bubble between the tape and the tube.

5. Place the ribbon on a flat surface. Peel off double-sided tape on the outer tube. Place tube on ribbon and gently roll it on the ribbon. 
*Satin ribbons are very delicate, to avoid it from being ruined,  never pull it sideways.
6. Peel off tape on the inside of the tube. Using your fingers, gently fold down the ribbons to the inside of the tube. 

7. Your basic napkin ring is ready. Now it's time to decorate it! You can use any fancy ribbons or embellishment for this purpose.
8. In this example, Ive combined two types of ribbons, by using a double sided tape, I taped them together and then onto the ring.

...and a simple yet elegant wedding napkin ring is created! 

Try it with various type of ribbons and designs, you can do all sorts of napkin rings for any occasion!



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