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Ideas for Wedding Favors

Ideas for Wedding Favors

Your wedding is one of the biggest and most important days of your life! Naturally you will want to share this day and its memories with those whom are important to you, those that are present to make this special day even more special. Wedding favors are not just a token of appreciation, thanking your guests for gracing this event with their presence, but they can also be something that adds a little more charm, a little more color and beauty to your table which goes along with the wedding theme.

Wedding favors or also known as bonbonniere, is something that is shared across cultures worldwide. In Malaysia, the traditional wedding favors given out to guests during a Malay wedding were hard boiled eggs! However these days it is no longer common to receive hard boiled eggs at weddings, instead we find in its place, candies and chocolates, candles, porcelain trinket boxes, potpourri and many others, much like the wedding favors you find in the US, Canada and Europe.

It is up to the married couple to choose a wedding favour for their guests. It can be something simple and affordable like candies or a bag of mixed nuts, something personal like a compilation of favourite songs on a CD or a picture frame with a picture of the couple, something cute and fun, something practical like a candle or jewellery box . There are dozens of websites available that offer ideas, and even more that offer online shopping with hundreds of pretty options to make it as convenient for you as possible. So it is really up to you to figure out what you really want.

For me personally, I love how it is an opportunity for the bride and groom to share a part of them and their new life with the people they treasure most. And I love to receive something practical, something that I can display or use occasionally and be reminded of a good friend or a cousin's special day, how lovely it was and what kind of adventures I had making the long trip! 

recently had an order of 100 sets of wine glass charms from a lovely lady from Canada as wedding favors for her spring wedding. Although I wasn’t directly involved in this special event, I somehow felt I was still a part of it and I felt honored by it. And I simply loved the idea of using wine glass charms as wedding favors, I have never thought of it but it is such a cool idea!  The charms can be something that suit the couple or the theme, such as a little bride and groom, a champagne glass, a bow tie, a cake, a heart; or if the couple are dog lovers it can be a little puppy, a dog bone; different little cars for car lovers; flip-flops, a beach hat, a seashell and a sun for a beach wedding etc. They are fun, they are practical, and they can last a long time. Imagine when your guests use them at a dinner or luncheon with some friends at their home many months or even years later, the charm are definitely something cool to talk about!

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