Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Promise Necklace


The Original Promise Necklace
Ever made a promise which you intend to keep for a long time? Be it to yourself or to someone special? 

- A promise to always love and be faithful to a spouse
- A promise of friendship
- A promise to yourself to love and protect your family and loved ones
- A promise to work hard to achieve that academic, career or financial goal
- A promise that you will stay sober or will never pick up another cigarette

The Promise Necklace is a simple beaded necklace to remind you of a promise made. It is special, it is personal, yet a powerful symbol of an unbroken promise.

This Promise Necklace is made with quality glass seed beads and a 1.5-2 inches in length of assorted colored Swarovski beads. It can be worn at all times, and because of its simplicity, it will go well with any attire. 

This necklace is designed to be worn with the Swarovski beads slightly to the left, as a symbol that the promise will always be kept close to your heart. 
I wear mine in blue, which represents the love I have for my son, to remind me of my responsibilities to always care and nurture and protect him. 
Choose a color that speaks to you, one that best represents a promise you have made, and wear it proudly close to your heart.

Interested in The Promise Necklace? Go to my Etsy Shop and choose one that you like!

Check out the latest design for The Promise Ring in The Color Palette Series. 




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