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4 Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids


 4 Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

If you've got little ones around your home, you're probably reluctant to buy expensive or breakable holiday knick knacks. Avoid the trouble by having your kids make the decorations themselves -- it'll keep them busy and save you the headache of sweeping up shards of broken ornaments.
Here are 4 Christmas crafts to get you and your kids started on creatively decking your halls:

Paper Snowflakes

A tried and true tradition, the paper snowflake is a staple in homemade Christmas decor. Just like real-life snowflakes, the paper versions come out individual and unique every time. Grab a pair of scissors, fold a piece of paper into a square or circle, and start cutting! Personalize your design to your heart's content and unfold it to reveal your creation. Spice up this traditional craft by using patterned gift wrap or adding glitter to your finished design.

Countdown Candy Tree
This craft is simple and will entertain your kids from now until Christmas. Print up or hand-draw an outline of a Christmas tree on a piece of green paper, give your kids a pile of craft supplies and pieces of candy and let them go crazy. They can color or decorate the tree as much as they like, including writing the numbers 1-25 in the branches of the tree. Have them tape or glue a piece of wrapped candy next to each number, and the countdown is ready to go! Every day until Christmas, they can remove and eat a piece of candy and anticipate the upcoming holiday.

Homemade Gift Wrap
Keep things looking nice and creative under the tree by making your very own homemade wrapping paper. You can use butcher paper, plain white paper, or construction paper -- or if you really want to go green, opt for old newspaper or recycled brown shopping bags. You can use any art materials you want for this one, from glitter to fingerpaint to stamps. Adding your kids' handprints to the paper can make the gift wrap truly special for grandparents and family friends. Get creative by dipping different objects, such as old buttons, in paint and using them to stamp designs on the paper.

Glittery Yarn Ornaments
These ornaments aren't breakable, but they'll still make your tree sparkle! Instead of opting to buy gold and silver balls for your tree, all you'll need is yarn, glue, glitter and a package of balloons. To start, inflate the balloon to the size of ornament you wish to make. Hang a string across your garage or a room where you won't mind the ornaments hanging to dry, and attach the balloons to the string with clothespins or string. Dip the the yarn in glue and tie one end of it to the knot of the balloon. Wrap the sticky yarn around the balloon to form patterns and swirls. Sprinkle on glitter in whatever color you want, and leave the ornaments to dry over night. In the morning, pop the balloon with a needle or pin and remove your finished ornaments from their hanging place. Attach the ornaments to your Christmas tree with ribbons, or buy a package of metallic hooks at the grocery store.



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