Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why make your own Napkin Rings


Why Make Your Own Napkin Rings?

I can think of a million reasons! Okay maybe not a million, but definitely a few very good reasons why you should.

Napkin rings are a simple yet wonderful way to dress up your table, they add that extra glam and sparkle to an otherwise boring table. They can give that touch of romance to a wedding dinner and cheers to your Christmas lunches.

Making your own gives you the freedom to choose the color and design to suit the theme of the occasion. Be it a formal dinner to impress the boss, a wedding, a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, all you need is the right material and some imagination! The easiest way is to use beads and wires. Or it can be as easy as putting the beads you like on an elastic thread. Bead or craft stores carry all sorts of beautiful beads and trinkets or charms you can use to make your own napkin rings. You can even make them from recycled materials such as cardboard tubes and ribbons. There are many tutorials that you can find on the internet that shows you how to make them.

Making your own napkin rings is much cheaper than buying them from the stores and they make a great souvenir or party favor which your guests can take home with them after a memorable event.

And most importantly to me, making my own napkin rings is a lot of fun! I even have a good time shopping for the materials. There's so many designs that you can do with beads, ribbons and wires, it is all up to your creativity and imagination. Try it, and have fun dressing up your table!



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