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Top 5 Family Fun Night Ideas


 Top 5 Family Fun Night Ideas

 As corny as the name sounds, "Family Fun Nights" are a great way to relax, have fun, and bond with your family! With everyone living such busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to get everyone in the same room at once. With the kids going back and forth from sports practice, violin lessons, and parents working long hours, it can be a tough task to get the entire family together even for dinner. Family fun nights allow you to have everyone together at once, converse, and take a break from your crazy lifestyle. If you're looking for a big get-together, invite grandparents or relatives. If you want to keep it low-key, keep it to just your immediate family, order a pizza, and break out the games! Board games can often become tiresome and take an eternity to finish (Monopoly, anyone?) so it's important to get creative with your game ideas. Below is a list of ideas to have a blast during your next family fun night.

Movie marathon
Get a bunch of movies together and choose a theme such as Westerns, horror films, Star Wars series, or Disney movies, depending everyone's ages and interests! This is a cheap and easy way to guarantee some family fun without the price of a movie theater. Besides avoiding the crowds and prices of a theater, you can laugh out loud and comment on the film. Pop some popcorn and relax!

movie marathon

Arts and crafts
If you have young children, arts and crafts are a great way to stimulate you kids' creativity. Break out the crayons, paint, and glitter (if you're feeling brave) and come up with a fun project idea, such as a bird house or homemade t-shirts. Tye-dye is a fun idea for summer, as long as you have a lighted outdoor area.

family crafting

Trivia Night
Test your knowledge with trivia night! There are fun topics for all ages- whether you want to test general miscellaneous knowledge or find out who knows the most about Harry Potter. For an even better experience, try using a dry erase prize wheel, and give out mini prizes to the winner of each round!

Baking Competition
Bring out your family's competitive side and hold a baking competition! Find out who makes the best chocolate chip cookies or banana bread. This can get messy, so make sure to save time to clean up.

Reading Night
If you have small children, you understand the importance of reading at a young age. Pick a favorite book or compilation of short stories and take turns reading it to the family. You can get creative and really "get into character" to make it an entertaining and exciting experience!



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