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Decorate Your Home


 Fun Little Ways to Decorate Your Home for Spring and Summer

Just because you live in your home year-round doesn't mean it can't change with the seasons. Seasonal decorating can help enhance the feeling of a season and keep your home from becoming dull and stale. Updating for the seasons need not be overly expensive or time-consuming. Most decorations can be achieved with simple ideas while still maintaining your unique lifestyle.

Keep It Simple – Home Decorating Does Not Have to Be Difficult

Spring is known for its rejuvenation and rebirth of all things. Why not rejuvenate your home? The most obvious change when spring comes along is the blooming of flowers of all types and colors. Using flowers to revitalize your home is an inexpensive way to bring the spirit of the season indoors. Cherry blossoms are an excellent choice as they only bloom for a few brief weeks. Take advantage of this short event by snipping a few branches and placing them in a slim, basic vase. Placing a vase of fresh flowers anywhere in your home is an easy and quick way to liven any room or space. Consider placing a bouquet on your bedside table, kitchen counter or living room coffee table.
If live flowers are not your forte, there are other floral options available. Pressing dried flowers and framing them can make for a beautiful piece of artwork on an unused wall. Simple, floral-patterned throw pillows strategically placed on chairs, sofas or beds are an easy seasonal addition that can be brought out each year when spring arrives and whisked away when spring turns to summer.
Change Your Decor to Match the Summer Mood

Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. Even if you don't own a summer home, you can still feel like you do with a few changes to your decor. It is important during these months to keep your home bright and airy to enhance the summer mood. Use simple, light curtains instead of heavy, dark drapery in order to let in the sunlight and the summer breeze. White and khaki colors will bring the spirit of the beach to your home and keep your color pallet neutral, leaving you free to spice up a room with any accent color that you choose. Adding different shaped and sized seashells to center pieces or placing them around your home will be a wonderful reminder of the beach every day.

On the flip side, try bringing the indoors outdoors to get the most out of the beautiful weather. Create an outdoor retreat on your patio or balcony by setting up a dinner table complete with dinnerware and place settings. Add a center piece that compliments the outdoor space and shows your own personal style.
Creating a living space outdoors will encourage your family to get fresh air while enjoying the sunshine. Place comfortable chairs and sofas around a coffee table or fire pit to make an inviting lounge area. Hang colorful lanterns or a chandelier for a touch of elegance. Place candles all around for ambiance after dark. Hanging long, wispy curtains around the area will help create a resort feel and also add a touch of additional privacy.
Combine simple pieces of furniture with bright patterns and colors to make the outdoor area come alive, or keep everything white and neutral to maintain a relaxing spa-like retreat. Changing your home decor with the seasons will truly allow you and your family to enjoy the essence of the seasons and give you something to look forward to year-round.



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