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5 Easy DIY Desk Organisation Ideas


5 Easy DIY Desk Organisation Ideas

I’m not ashamed to admit it, my cubicle at work is an organisation haven. It’s not so much that I’m a neat freak, more that I flip out if things aren’t where I left them – it’s a need to be organised more than a want.
Now, if I could, I would buy all my box files/storage boxes/pen pots from Laura Ashley, but unfortunately, Laura Ashley is expensive. Boo.
So, here are some unique organisational solutions that you can DIY, even if, like me, you have not one creative bone in your body. Your desk will be the envy of the office, or, hey, if you work at home, the envy of Pinterest.

1.  Storage boxes

If, like any self respecting woman in this world, you are a shoeaholic, I’m sure you’ve got a few spare shoeboxes hanging around your house. Now, I’m not suggesting you make like a tramp and just take these to work. We’re going make them all pretty first.
All you need is some patterned sticky-back plastic or wallpaper, and some patience. Take the lid off the box, and wrap it almost as you would a present, folding the covering just over the edges so you can’t tell it’s a shoebox from the outside. Do the same with the lid, et voila, a place for your papers.

2.  Storage pots

Empty jam jars are brilliant things. Great for holding paperclips, staples, noticeboard pins and basically anything else that comes in a silly container that means they constantly end up all over the desk/floor... Just treat yourself to some Bonne Maman jam (the nicest jars), eat (yum), wash out the jars and soak the labels off, and there you go. Secure storage pots.

3.  Notice board

If you can convince your boss to let you stick things on your cubicle walls, a DIY noticeboard is a great idea, so you can keep track of all of those little to-dos. It’s super simple to make too – buy cork tiles, double up and glue together, cover with sticky-back plastic (yes, I’m obsessed), and glue to wall. Sorted.

4.  Days of the week folders

If, like me, you have a love/hate relationship with your computer calendar, you need to make these. Just get some colourful cheap paper folders and some nice printed paper, cut out letters for each day of the week (“M” for Monday, etc) from the paper, stick on the folders in the top right hand corner, and you’re done. Simple daily filing – you’ve got no “I forgot” excuses now!

5.  Corkboard plant pots

No matter what anyone else says, I love office plants – what else am I going to stare at when the computer screen gets too boring? These pots are easy to make, and mean people can pin on useful notes/rude pictures when you’re away from your desk.
Simply get a clean, de-labelled tin (bigger ones work best) and a roll of cork. Cut a strip of cork the same height as your tin and long enough to go around twice. Pop some strong craft glue on one end, stick to the tin, and then roll and glue until you’ve wrapped the cork around. Pin in place to dry, and then pot your plant in a glass jar slightly smaller than the tin, and pop it in your new pot. Greenery!



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