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What Jewellery to Wear on Your Wedding


What Jewellery to Wear on Your Wedding Day

When planning what to wear on your wedding day, don't forget your jewellery. With everything else planned so meticulously, it would be a shame to leave your jewellery to a last minute rush.

Your wedding gown is without doubt the most important item of clothing and everything else, including your jewellery, should be chosen to complement your dress. There are many tips to keep in mind when choosing your jewellery but there is one golden (or silver, if you prefer!) rule - keep it simple. Your jewellery should be tasteful and understated, allowing you and your dress to be the stars of the day.

You will probably know by now whether you prefer to wear gold or silver fashion jewellery but bear in mind that the colour of your wedding dress could influence your wedding day jewellery choice. A bright white wedding gown would look totally wrong with clashing gold jewellery so the advice is to stick to pearl, silver or platinum.

Slightly off-white or diamond-white dresses allow a little more freedom. Pearl, gold and silver fashion jewellery all complements the off-white colour. Gold jewellery is perfect for ivory wedding gowns, bringing out the soft, creamy hints in the gown's fabric.

If you want a little more colour in your gold or silver fashion jewellery avoid picking out any colour decoration on your dress, as it may look a little too twee. You could choose some jewellery with colours matching the flowers in your bouquet or you could choose to include your birthstone in your jewellery.

The next step towards choosing your wedding day jewellery is to consider your dress's neckline. Not all necklines suit a necklace whereas others cry out for a particular necklace style. If your dress has a V-neck, a necklace will complete the outfit. A simple pendant on a fine chain will look beautifully elegant or opt for classic style with a pearl choker. A v-neck allows for a small amount of daring with gold or silver fashion jewellery, particularly if the dress has a vintage look. Try pairing the dress with a modern style, matching choker and earrings for a stylish contrast or go for the full vintage look with jewellery inspired by what your Mum or Gran would have worn on their wedding day.

Avoid a necklace if your dress has a halter neck and choose a pretty bracelet or earrings instead. Strapless or sweetheart necklines allow you the choice of wearing an elegant pendant or choker or leaving your d├ęcolletage bare and opting for some statement earrings instead, particularly if you are planning to wear your hair up. Chandelier earrings always look great with upswept hair.

If you are struggling to choose the right wedding day jewellery, here are two further tips. Firstly, you can't go wrong with the classic combination of a diamond pendant or strand of pearls teamed with a pair of diamond drop earrings. Secondly, it's your special day and you have to be comfortable in what you're wearing. If it doesn't feel right, don't wear it and choose a piece of gold or silver fashion jewellery that you feel reflects your personality. You have got to be dazzling as well as your jewellery!

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