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6 Tips For An Eco-Chic Bride


6 Tips For An Eco-Chic Bride

We love weddings and we would love them even more if they have a smaller carbon foot print, but is that possible?
For a stylish and sustainable wedding celebration, you’ll have to be as creative as! It’s not just a matter of finding a beautiful eco farm nestled in the countryside for your reception, it’s also all those little details that you might not have thought about.
If the environment is your passion, then this wonderful guide full of bright tips and handy advice is a real gem for you eco-chic brides.


Hiring Plants
Instead of buying flowers that are only going to end up in the bin the day after your wedding, why not try hiring some beautiful plants? Bamboos or Palm trees would look absolutely fabulous and would be a fantastic exotic touch!
Another option for those of you, who have little green fingers, is you could plant the flowers you fancy for your special day yourself, and repot them! Obviously, you will need to know what you’re doing!

Fresh Rose Petals
If you have the budget, go for lovely fresh rose petals to distribute around your guests. They’ll look beautiful for the ceremony, such a romantic and sweet-scented idea!
 However, if rose petals area little out of your budget and confetti is a much more suitable option – remember think green and recycle that used confetti!

Wedding Dresses
Wedding dresses are very expensive and they’re only going to end up in the wardrobe anyway after that special day! So when we think about it, do we really need to have that ultra expensive, unique piece of fashion?
If you’re a lover of vintage clothes, go straight to a charity shop or log online at Gumtree, and you can re-use an old wedding dress and you may find an absolute gem - from the roaring 20s to the late 70s.

For an intimate and truly romantic wedding, you could decorate your tables with a few sets of candles arranged into lovely centrepieces; this is a great way to really enhance that intimate and romantic feel. Try scattering some lovely fresh rose petals randomly around the table to bring out some colour.


Local Products
It’s somewhat a tradition for the guests to leave the reception with a souvenir. Why don’t you get them some luxury locally sourced mouth-watering treats? Home-made chutneys, delicious marmalades, local honey, or even some vegetable baskets from local producers!


Organic Wine
In the UK, there are some great biodynamic wines that would accompany the wedding feast perfectly! Buying organic wine is certainly more expensive but worth having for your special day.
Make some calls to the nearest vineyards and find out whether they can offer a good price for a large order!
However, if wine is not to your liking and you are more of a cider or real ale fan; it may be worth getting in touch with your local organic breweries and see what they can offer you!
As environmental issues are strongly present in all of our lives, having an eco-friendly wedding is a step to helping the world we live in, and being chic is not incompatible with being green!



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